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If you want to add your XBL Gamertag, go to:

1. User CP
2. Edit Profile
3. Scroll down to the bottom
4. Xbox Live Gamertag box

Or you could add it when you're viewing the leaderboard. You can view the leaderboard here:

Or you can find another link under the Quick Links menu at the top.

Your ranking in the leaderboard will be displayed under your username when viewing threads/posts in the Gaming Center section. It also includes a link that when you put your mouse over it, your gamertag will pop-up for viewing. When clicked, it will take you to the leaderboard highlighting your name and data.

There are certain requirements set in place in order for you to show up on the leaderboard. One, you would obviously need to be an active member of the forum. Members that are inactive for over 60 days will get removed from the board. Also the user will have to have a minimum of 50 posts.

Oh and almost forgot. When you're viewing the leaderboard, you'll find two images to the far right of the user's row of data.
<-- That one allows you to send a message to the user in XBL
<-- That one allows you to add the user as a friend in XBL
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Hypnotize Drift.....haven't been playing for a while though dam thunderstoms we been having these past couple of days ruined my 360, the three red lights blinking on the xbox means a ''Hardware faliure'', dont know how it happened and didn't fry anything...Pfff Microsoft. im going back to Gt4....
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