s14 zenki to kouki conversion info

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im tired of the same fuckn post that keep showing up on this conversion!

so here-

S14 Zenki -> Kouki conversion

USDM front bumper: F2022-81F25
Requires US turn signals (clear)
Right 26130-70F25
Left 26135-70F25
JDM front bumper: 62022-JDMK
Requires JDM turn signals (amber)
Right 26120-JDMK
Left 26125-JDMK

Corner lights: Right 26170-81F25
Left 26175-81F25

USDM headlights: Right 26010-81F25
Left 26060-81F25
JDM headlights Right 26010-JDMK
(larger projectors) Left 26060-JDMK

Bumper reinforcement bar 62030-81F00

Bumper retainer strip 62290-80F00
Styrofoam energy absorber 62090-81F00
Bumper brackets
Right 62222-80F00
Left 62223-80F00

USDM grill 62310-81F25
JDM K’s grill 62310-JDMK

Headlight brackets (2 required)

USDM optional front lip 96015-81F00
For USDM front bumper only
JDM optional front lip K6010-JDMK
For JDM K’s bumper only

Right F3100-80F30
Left F3101-80F30

Hood F5100-81FCM

the list above is for all oem peices, of course fiberglass/carbon fiber peices can be used instead. (not as great of fitment)

-headlight brackets are not needed to do the swap but u will need to drill new holes to properly secure the headlight to the bracket.

-you will need to create a headlight harness (for the low beam) since the plug types are diffrent.
s14(zenki) use- h4 bulb(low beam) 9005(high beam)
s14(kouki) use- h1(low beam) 9005(high beam)


(OIO/ - RPS13 - \OIO)
lol for a second i was like "wow another kouki fan boy strikes". good stuff


lol for a second i was like "wow another kouki fan boy strikes". good stuff

better watch ur self!!! lol

i just want mods to sticky this, so the "noobs" have no reason to ask the questions. its right there on top of the page
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