Please Read Before Posting, Making A Thread Or Replying

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-If you are not interested in buying the car do not post

-If you want to make an offer use the sellers preferred method of contact or PM them.
--People will take you more serious that way.

-The only real need to post is to find out information about the car the seller may have left out or may not be clear.


-You'll only be able to post one thread per month. This was put in place due to people creating more than 1 thread in a month about the same car.

-Only RWD CARS can be sold in this section. Meaning no FWD or AWD vehicles will be allowed. Along with that no trucks, motorcycles, or full-size cars. If your vehicle fits any of the criteria I just pointed out, use the Misc. section to sell your vehicle.

-If you have no pics. DO NOT START A THREAD

-Keep people up to date.

-If the car sells close the thread or PM a MOD to do so.

-Please make all information clear up front

-Do not reply to offers in the thread PM the person instead.


-If the seller did not post pictures DO NOT reply stating that. Use the REPORT POST tool and a mod will handle it.

Failure to follow these rules will will result in infractions, points and loss of privileges.
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